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Six String Samurai or WTF is this?

Six String Samurai DVDSo I’m sitting here watching Six String Samurai and all I can say is WTF is this? But in a good way. This movie seems to be a mix of bad samurai films, a little bit of El Mariachi, splash in a bit of A Boy and his Dog, and then garnish it with the umbrella from El Topo. This is one of those movies that is a must see if you are into indie cult camp films, which for me are a hit or miss. This one is a hit for me just on the acting of Buddy, the main Samurai Rocker. The voice and the mannerisms are prefect for the character.

Oh and did I mention that the soundtrack is done by the Red Elvises, a Soviet / American band that plays rockabilly music.



12 Rounds poster looks really familiar


When I saw the poster for the new John Cena movie 12 Rounds I could have sworn I had seen it before. It bugged me for a bit, but then I remembered where I had seen that design. It was on the 21 Grams movie poster. Look for yourself. Doesn’t it look the same?

Check out the 12 Rounds Trailer over at Apple Trailers.

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