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Who is Rebecca Black?

Unless you are under an internet rock, you’ve at least heard mention of Rebecca Black. She is the new Justin Beiber you could say. If you haven’t heard of her at all then first check out her music video for her single Friday.

But in reality who is she and where did she come from? How did she get the opportunity to produce and record this song?

Rebecca Black is a 13 year old singer from Anaheim California. So that means that 13 she has already had more Youtube hits than you ever will. The key thing to know is that she has been trying to break into the entertainment industry for years. She’s gone to dancing school, tried out for multiple Disney type shows and never really quite made it.

So how did she break through? Her mom paid a company called Ark Music Factory to write two songs for her and produce a music video. Working with the vanity publishing company, Rebecca recorded, auto-tuned and produced the song and video. Once the video hit YouTube it went viral. I still have no explanation as to how a video goes viral but it did. Now she has been on Leno and TMZ and all the other major media pop sections.

Will Rebecca stick around and make new songs? Who knows, but I’m sure she and Ark Music Factory are reaping in some benefits of the new found success. You can buy her single form iTunes, and ring tones and the like.

If you are a die hard Rebecca Black fanatic you should check out the Rebecca Black Artist Page

My thoughts on this whole thing. She found a niche and she hit it on the nail and she was successful at it. Maybe it wasn’t the type of breakthrough that she wanted, but now everyone knows her name and have heard her song. She has gotten farther than some people do in an entire life time and for that she should be proud.

Octomom on Jimmy Kimmel’s The Dating Game

On a special Valentine’s day bit Jimmy had Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom, as the girl looking for date. They pulled three random guys out of the audience, and didn’t tell them who the girl would be. What I learned from this is that the Octomom mom has a crazy laugh.

Lady Gaga Grammy Awards 2010 Performance with Elton John

Did you get a chance to see Sir Elton John perform along side Lady Gaga at last night’s Grammy awards. It was an amazing duet of a Elton’s “I Hope You Don’t Mind”

Video below:

I have been asking myself if Lady Gaga is here to stay or is just a passing fad. I think that she is on the cusp of becoming more then just a one dimensional singer. We’ll have to see the quality of her next few albums to really find out.

YouTube – Apple I-Pad

So have you heard of this iPad thing? Not the awesome touch screen netbook hybrid the Apple just came out with today, but the spoof that MadTV did a few years ago. You would think that the advertising department at Apple would have done a simple Google search and would have thought “Hrm… maybe we shouldn’t name it something that reminds people of feminine hygiene products.”

Duece Poppi – My White Friends ( Directors Cut )

Have you heard this new song by Duece Poppi called My White Friends? Talk about so many white people stereotypes being exploited. The thing that bugs me though is that I swear some of his “white friends” look pretty Hispanic to me. Saying Hispanic people are white is just not cool.

Walmart’s Scary Clown

Have you seen this crazy Walmart ad. Talk about being scared of clowns.

Harry Connick Jr. and the Black Face Jackson 5 Act

So in case you missed it Harry Connick Jr. was on an Australian TV show like the gong show. On the show there was a group of doctors that dressed up as the Jackson 5 including black face. As expected Harry Connick was taken aback, and the host tried to make good on the whole thing. Check the video above.

Turtle Love

And for no reason what so ever, here is a turtle having sex with a shoe.

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