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A Movie A Day

Do you think it is possible to watch a movie a day for a year? Most people watch enough TV that if they watched a movie instead of watching tv. I am getting bored of all the boring TV there is today. Now that Shameless is over and the only thing worth waiting for every week is Doctor Who, I have decided that I want to try this movie a day thing. Since I currently have 468 items in the Netflix DVD queue, and 268 in my Instant Watch queue, I doubt that I will run out of things to watch.

Andromeda Strain Movie PosterSo today, 5/12, I started with the 1971 Sci-Fi Classic Andromeda Strain. While not a bad movie, I wouldn’t say that it is an amazing movie. It was a bit slow to get started, and maybe there could have been 15 minutes less of “de-contamination” but overall it was enjoyable. It represents the type of movie that just doesn’t get made anymore. There wasn’t much action, and focused around a group of non-sexy scientists, which you would never see today. Hell take the new Thor movie. Natalie Portman plays the sexy scientist. Here Kate Reid plays the scientist, and she is not super sexy.


Either way I think that if you haven’t seen it and you consider yourself into the whole Sci-Fi genre it is a must see. it shows you how far we’ve come when it comes to generic germ warfare movies.

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