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List of all Doctor Who Episodes

Doctor NumberStory NumberStory NameAvailable on Netflix DVD?Available on Netflix Streaming?Available on Amazon?Available on Amazon Streaming?Other
11The Unearthly ChildYesNoYes
12The DaleksYesNoYes
13The Edge of DestructionYesNoYes
14Marco PoloNoNoNoNo
15The Keys of MarinusYesNoYes
16The AztecsYesYesYes
17The SensoritesNoNoNoNoYouTube
18The Reign of TerrorNoNoNoNoTo be released on DVD 2012
19Planet of GiantsNoNoNoNo
110The Dalek Invasion of EarthYesNoYes
111The RescueYesNoYes
112The RomansYesNoYes

The Simpsons New Years Challenge


So with the new year here I wanted to get back to my roots and start watching The Simpsons again. I didn’t just want to start watching the syndicated reruns that they air on TV, so I decided that I would put my seasons of Simpsons on DVD, and the ones available on Netflix. to good use. I am going to watch all of the Simpsons in order, starting from the first episode. What are we up to now? 23 seasons? That should take me until the end of the year.


The Box

I just got done watching The Box with Cameron Diaz. It was good! I wasn’t expecting much at all, but I thought that it was a good suspense thriller movie. The sci-fi aspect of it could have been better but the story line was enough to keep me engaged throughout the film. I consider it a good movie because for the last couple of hours after I watched it I have been thinking a lot about it. What would I do in that situation? What are the implications of what is happening in the film. If you haven’t seen it I suggest giving it a shot.

Pick up The Box from or or The Box (2009)



Megan Fox used a Body Model for her Motorola Ad

You might have wondered to yourself why would Megan Fox need a body model? Well what few people know is that she has a crazy toe thumb. It is a thumb that looks like a toe! Check the picture here:

Megan Fox and her crazy thumb.

See that crazy thumb?!? Looks like it should belong on a foot! Now look at the ad again and you’ll notice that it can’t be her hand.

Tenley Molzahn from ABC’s The Bachelor

Tenley Molzahn from ABC's The Bachelor

Remember the girl that tricked the Jake into thinking she was pregnant? Well it seems that Tenley Molzahn has her own fan site with pictures and videos and pretty much everything that you would want to know if you wanted to stalk her.

Check out Tenley Molzahn’s Fansite.

Ever seen rain from a plane?

Rain from a plane.

Octomom in a Bikini

It happened. After pushing out 8 kids at once and some more before hand Octomom Nadya Suleman has come out with her bikini pics. The big question is, has there been a tummy tuck or any sort of plastic surgery?

Octomom in a bikini

F-Bomb on SNL

So it was Jenny Slate’s first day on SNL and she dropped the F Bomb live on national television. First day jitters most likely, but it sure didn’t help that the skit required her to say Frick’n every 5 seconds. She drops it around 40 seconds.

Watch all six seasons of Highlander on Hulu

highlanderduncanThere can be only one! Since the finale of Battlestar Galactica aired on Friday I have been looking for something new to watch. I was checking Hulu and found that they had all six seasons of the original Highlander TV series. I remember watching a few episodes here and there when I was in highschool but I was never really able to get into it because I felt that missed too many episodes and I didn’t know what was going on. Hulu has all the episodes online, which is awesome.

I’m going to start watching from the beginning and see if I can fill that void that Battlestar left.

Kanye to be on The Cleveland Show

the_cleveland_show_w_kanyeIf you hadn’t heard already, there is going to be a new Family Guy spin-off based on Peter’s neighbor Cleveland. If that didn’t sound exciting enough, it looks like Kanye West is going to be a part of the show. He is going to play a rapper namd Kenney West. What is not clear to me is whether it is a one show part or if it going to be an on going character. It would definitely be interesting if could do some reoccuring bits.

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